Age 5
Turns down first paying gig: $1 for a solo rendition of "All Shook Up" by Elvis Presley, his first idol. Good money even then.

Age 7
"Meet The Beatles" joins a meager but growing vinyl LP collection. Elvis has to share the throne.

Age 8
Singing & piano lessons from an honest-to-god nun reluctant to indulge in frivolities such as McCartney's "Fool on The Hill" despite countless pleas.

Age 10
Picks up a pair of sticks and learns to roll with legendary bebop drummer Kenny Clarke.


Age 12
The loaner piano is reclaimed. A classical guitar finds its way into his hands.


Age 16
Misses opportunity to set an early precedent to the famed Milli Vanilli lip-synching scandal by turning down offer to become a teen idol for the European 45rpm single release, "Life is a game of pinball… and we are the balls!"

Age 18
Moves to LA. Lasts a year. A lunar expedition might have been less disorienting.

Age 19
Lands in Boston under a blanket of heavenly snow to attend Berklee College of Music with a letter of recommendation from Leonard Bernstein.

The 80's
Drops out after a year under the radar at Berklee. Enjoys first taste of success with Option One – stretch limos, groupies, roadies, record label interest – until the band implodes.

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